Who we are

Arabul started to be used first time as a brand name in 1995. Under the umbrella of Domi Information Technology Corp, one of the first privately owned ISP Dominet, started to use http://arabul.dominet.com.tr as the first categoric index and search engine for Turkish domains.

25 th Feb. 1998 we have created the private name domain as http://www.arabul.com and continued Arabul as search engine. Arabul.com became one of the top ten sites in Turkey and according the Alexa, within top 2.000 sites globally.

As the owner of Arabul, Domi Corp. used the expertises of search engine and categoric indexing know how for the Global Trade Directory Services project for UN organization World Trade Point Federation. In 2003 Domi team developed the turkishsellers.com, B2B market place for Turkish exporters.

In the year 2005, Arabul became the independent entity and Arabul Software Co.Ltd founded. Arabul as a company, continued to work on software development in her own name.

Fields of expertises of Arabul are, software development for B2B, B2C and B2G applications. In the year 2008, with FHM Computing Co. Arabul developed first, end to end solution for foreign trade companies, relevant to e-government integration for exporters and national transporters. We have developed XML,EB XML, and web services skills for e-government projects.

During the e-documentation applications, we started to use e-signature and developed first mobile phone application to sign e-documents via micro SD chip on the PDA’s. This line is becoming one of the major interest for financial sector. We are working on projects with banks, insurance companies and multinational retail companies.

With intense research and development, we have also developed advance skills on User Interfaces and video platform applications. We have developed the project of “arabul.tv” as an Adobe Air application during the past 3 years. Arabul also became the solution partner for Rich Internet Applications and Streaming Platforms of Adobe and started to developing web TV and Internet TV projects.

Our product line includes, Encoding, Content Management, Ad Management, Billing Invoicing and Payment Systems for Video streaming services. We do have solutions for web TV and integrated set top box application as well.

Currently we are working on having a colocation service in Silicon Valley, to stream various video content for the US market.