What we do ?

We started out experimenting with video encoding in 2007. During this period we were running our own e-commerce site. We wanted to present products using their videos hence started to work on video encoding. Since high quality means high bandwidth it was going to be costly. After trying out products that were available on the market we wanted to investigate further on improving the encoding methods in detail. After this period we got familiar with H.264/AVC and moved our work to dedicated linux servers since encoding is a CPU intensive and time consuming job.

As we reached our goals in quality and bandwidth we caught the attention of other companies working in various areas. This encouraged us to develop our software further to meet the demands of these companies. Due to our e-commence background, content monetization and CRM were familiar subjects. As we planed out the structure there were three main areas that needed concentrating on. Content Management, Encoding Services and Video Players.


Arabul CMS


Arabul CMS is a simple desktop application that helps you organize your content into channels, categories and playlists. You can add and edit the information of your videos with the easy to use interface of Arabul CMS.


  • User-level access management
  • Multiple channels, categories and playlists
  • Scheduling
  • Multiple Profile Encoding for Dynamic Streaming
  • Realtime Encoder Monitor
  • Statistics
  • Ad Management

Encoding Services

Our encoding server supports most common video & audio codecs and containers (e.g., avi, mov, mp4, vob, mpeg, etc.) both in SD and HD resolutions. Output files from the encoding servers are .mp4 which is suitable for streaming media on Flash Players and Flash Media Server. According to the load, more encoding servers can be added to create a cluster for redundancy as well as load balance for efficiency.


  • Clustering and Load Balance between multiple encoders
  • Fail-over support at all encoding stages
  • Metadata injection
  • De-interlacing and display aspect ratio correction support

Video Players

ArabulTV offers video players for all platforms with the use of Adobe Flash Platform technologies. Our user interface solutions allow users to easily adapt to the player using both mouse and remote control. With the use of our video players you can display your content on web, mobile devices and televisions. The use of Adobe Flash and Adobe Air allows users to share the same experience seamlessly across any device, anywhere regardless of the operating systems.


  • Web browser and Cross-platform Desktop Versions
  • Remote Control Support for set-top boxes
  • Supports newest Adobe Platform technologies such as Dynamic Streaming
  • Monetize your contents with Ads and Pay-Per-View Models