Our Customers


Plato Film is a experienced production studio based in Turkey which is mainly concentrated on filming series and commercials as well as movies. They have been operating till 1986 with the supervision of Sinan Cetin, a famous Turkish director who has won many award. In the third quarter of 2009 Plato Film announced that they wanted to display their content over the web and came to us for a solution.


When we started out this project our biggest challenge was to integrate our software in to their workflow since they had all their content stored in digital beta-cams. We managed to do this with the use of a capture device which ran on the same computer as our Content Management System. For this project we used three different servers that worked together to manage, store and encode the content.

Content on the digital beta-cams are captured on to a storage server which is connected to the CMS and the encoding servers. Once the content is placed on the storage the CMS allows the operator to add metadata to the content which is later sent to the encoders for multiple profile encoding. Encoded contents are sent back to the Storage Server which also sends final results to the FMS over web services. Once an encoding and upload processes done FMS delivers these content through the website for the visitors to access on-demand.