Adobe Flash CS5 and iPhone/iPad

FEB 3, 2010

There is a big debate going on since Apple announced the iPad. Hundereds of thousands witnessed a blue lego brick at the announcement day. But on the other side there is also new applications started to appear on appstore which are made with Flash CS5. It's a big opportunity for the Flash developers worldwide and also excitement for us to extend our services to the Apple's mobile devices. Since we're waiting the day our hands-on with the new Flash CS5, you can check out how these new apps performing at TheFlashBlog.

Vudu has announced HDX

FEB 2, 2010

Vudu, probably the best set-top box company that streams on demand video content to their customers has announced that they would improve their video quality from HD to HDX. HDX, which they call is close to Blue-Ray, has already got some good reviews from engadget HD and Cnet news. Most sites agree that the quality in both sound and image has gone up however the bandwidth costs have gone up with it. It's stated that while watching HDX the bandwidth usage strikes up to a whooping 20MB/s which much higher than most people can afford at home. These numbers are also much costly to the content providers and CDNs, hopefully these numbers will improve as the encoding algorithms advance with in time. You can check it out here.

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